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 Тема:Offensive and defensive balance.. 21-10-2016 12:42:31 
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Now, life is much easier when you have a target such as Jones, who was on the receiving end of the ball Ryan threw 50 yards in the air against Carolina. But Ryan also has completed passes cheap NFL jerseys of 30-plus yards through the air to tight end Austin Hooper and speedy receiver Aldrick Robinson.

"Matt's had more [downfield] opportunities, too," said Kyle Shanahan, the Falcons' offensive coordinator. "He's had some different looks. There are a few more guys than just Julio who are doing it, too, which definitely helps. And then when you have some other guys attack, then it gets Julio some better looks down the field.

"I think Matt has worked really hard in improving in that Buffalo Bills jerseys area. He's done a wholesale jerseys good amount of times throughout his career, too. But I think he's doing it very good right now. And it really opens things up for us."

We'll see if the downfield success continues Sunday against the San Diego Chargers, who are banged up in the secondary but can make teams one-dimensional with the league's fifth-ranked run defense. The Chargers also bring different pressures out of their 3-4 scheme.

"It's hit or miss," Shanahan said. "Sometimes when people don't bring pressure, it's harder to get people open. And cheap jerseys when they do bring pressure, you get people open, but it's harder to block. There's a balance offensively and defensively.

"You've wholesale NFL jerseys got to keep people off-balance. I know they will. They are an aggressive defense, and they are a very good defense. They have a good front seven, a lot of good young players. They're an up-and-coming team. I know they've been banged up in the secondary, but they still have some guys who can do it. When you have a good front seven, that really helps those [defensive backs] out, also."

Ryan, with his league-leading 2,075 passing yards, should be up for the challenge.

"He did a lot of work this offseason on all sorts of different things," tight end Jacob Tamme said of Ryan. "He's definitely got that thing zipping right now."
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